This in-store Tango experience dropped shoppers in the middle of a 3D, AR world.


With Google and Target, and using the totally wild technology in the Project Tango device, we built a 1:1 augmented reality world. Where every aisle was transformed into a snowy playground.

You know, for kids. 

Whoa! Check out that setup - that's me with two screens and a Tango, with two different programs running. Simultaneously. TWO. This is how you world build folks. 

Shooting peppermints guides you through the experience, and relieves a lot of pent up anger or stress.

Tobey the skating bear performs a triple axel and crashes through the ice. He really should know better.

Users peak into the igloo to see the snowman roasting marshmallows. Certainly precarious for a snowman. Is nobody in Bullseye's playground self-aware?